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Water Blocking

Water blocking with chemical and / or cement-based (grouting) may be carried out where the undesired ingress of water and moisture occurs:

  • Cracks in concrete and masonry
  • Alkali-aggregate reactions
  • Filler when casting faults occurs
  • Transitions floor / wall / ceiling
  • Prevent frost damage
  • Reduce leaks of radon
  • Intersections of sheet piles
  • Prevent leaching of grout / cement paste in foundations and stag
  • As material for stabilizing structures after leaching and sentences 
  • Hose Injection/ grouting
  • Multi grouting (e.g. polyurethane/grout)

Water loss measurement

To quantify the water permeability and the hydraulic conductivity of bedrock and/ or casings during rock anchoring and piling.




Execution / assembly of different solutions:

  • DTH drilling
  • Deep foundations piles
  • Rock anchors
  • Grouted anchors




NORHEIM.NO (Org 882362582 VAT)  is currently a sole proprietorship and my name is Arthur G. Norheim. I am a freelance worker, and have gained experience of working in the foundation industry of Norway for 15 years, mainly deep foundation piling, sheet piling, rock anchors, and water blocking.

If I can be of assistance, or you need any further information, do not hesitate to contact me.

My contact information are as follows:



Sorgenfrigata 11

0367 Oslo

Telephone:+47 907 97 464